Saturday, February 18, 2006

Join me in my continuing gratitude binge!

As a Nonviolent Communication trainer, I have come to understand that gratitude is not only a necessary staple of my daily diet, it is also a powerful tool of transformation. I just can't get enough of it, so I've decided to binge on gratitude! Wanna indulge?

In Nonviolent Communication we offer these simple steps to connect with gratitude:

1. Think of something someone did that made your life more wonderful. Be specific!
e.g. My friend Jean brought my hat back to me after I thought I had lost it.
2. Consider what need of yours is met by this behavior. Needs are universal resources required to sustain and enrich life.
e.g. That met my need for support and community.
3. How do you feel right now as you connect with how that behavior met your need?
e.g. I feel content and gratitude!
4. SAVOR the feeling of a met need. When our needs our met, we naturally feel pleasant feelings. Connecting with these pleasurable feelings helps to sustain and enrich our life!
5. Then, if you REALLY want to enhance the planet, share your gratitude with the person who made your life more wonderful.
e.g. Jean, when you brought me my hat back it really met my need for support and community. I feel so grateful and content! I wonder how you feel hearing my gratitude?

I'd love to hear from you how you have used gratitude to transform your relationships and enrich your life!

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