Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Statement to the Network from Marshall and Valentina

My wife, Valentina, and I would like to share our celebrations with
you stimulated by the recent Center for Nonviolent Communication
board meeting near Atlanta, Georgia. The Center for Nonviolent
Communication now has NVC groups working in 65 countries on every
continent and about ¼ million people per year are receiving our
training. At the recent Board meeting we shared our vision that
within the next 10 years we would like to have NVC teams in every
country and NVC reaching millions through mainstream media outlets.

We want to share with you how touched and celebratory we are feeling
at the response of everyone present to this vision. To achieve these
two visions we are radically transforming our organization.

Valentina and I will be leading a Leading Team, {LT} formalizing what
has been our unofficial role.
We are encouraging all trainers to operate, not on their own, but in
association with local NVC circles so that they work together to
support the NVC mission. To support this organizing effort, Jim and
Jori Manske will focus on building the Global Coordinating Council
We are also taking steps to synergize with other organizations who
are also working for a transformation in consciousness.
We will expand the number of NVC trainers on the CNVC staff to better
meet the number of requests for training and ensure continuity of
CNVC’s services.
We are also creating means of making our training available through
the media.

With Love and Gratitude, Marshall and Valentina Rosenberg

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