Sunday, November 30, 2008

Greetings, Friends,

Today I received this inspiring email from Lorna Ritchie in Berlin...

Dear NVC friends,

Today I really do have something to celebrate and share!!

We had a premiere-event in Berlin yesterday - the very first local, regional NVC-Day in Germany (or even worldwide?) in which we presented the Practice of NVC in 18 different fields of work and everyday life.

(This included nvc in corporations, nvc in family, nvc in therapy, nvc and social change, nvc and yoga, nvc with children, nvc in Kindergarten - the project "The Giraffe dream", nvc in schools, nvc in mediation, nvc in social work, nvc and self-empathy, nvc and the media).

The participants came from all different fields, some NVC-beginners, some advanced, many experts in their field of work.

Not only was the preparation phase a process of living empathy, care and fun - those who were offering workshops also enjoyed a team of supporters, who helped with the organisation of everything in the days before the event (everything means helping organising catering, decoration, all the registration documents and even cleaning facilities before and after use). The organisation surrounding the event took place with enormous ease and precision.

The Feedback has been just overwhelming - we heard so much enthusiasm from people, words like "inspiring, grateful, fulfilled, excited, moved, informative" and very often there was a request for more, more, more...

Participants came not just from Berlin but from places as far away as Hamburg (about 3 hours drive). Some of them were also very motivated to start up a regional support group near their homes and we were able to offer them support from the DACH for that.

What I celebrate most was the connection within the Berlin-NVC-Circle and all involved in the event - I was very aware of the support and appreciation for each other and this was also very visible for all our "guests/participants". This is what makes my heart sing today as it so much meets my need for an awareness of credibility within the NVC-community. We really can walk the talk!! This is my very personal and subjective report of yesterdays events and i do hope you enjoy this positive piece of news in a world full of news of strife and pain.

Sending heartfelt greetings to all of you all over the world.

Lorna Ritchie in Berlin, Germany.

p.s please feel free to forward this to anyone you think would enjoy reading it.

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