Monday, August 11, 2008

Greetings, Friends,

I'm in beautiful Huelo, Hawaii, house-sitting for fellow CNVC trainer Christa Morf.

Compared to Albuquerque, it rains a lot here! Compared to most places on the planet, it rains a lot here! I'm guessing in the week we've been here, we have received at least 7 inches of rain.

It tends to come in short, heavy bursts. Then the sun comes out again. The flowers, trees, and shrubs love it! So do the mosquitoes.

I've decided to re-activate this blog since I'm trying out a new browser called Flock. Flock is alleged to be the latest, greatest because it is a "social browser", integrating blogs, facebook, picassa, etc.

So, I'm gonna try it out.

More later!



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