Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Reflection after a day of Facebook

This “social networking” is all new to me. I decided to try it because I'm "testing" a new browser called Flock that is a "social browser".

So far, I feel amazed at how much this is contributing to my needs for fun and connection. I've reached out to others and since joining yesterday, have managed to grow my friends list to almost 30, including a new NVC friend in Pakistan.

With Flock, you have the option of having a sidebar with all of your friends listed, including their photos. I have a sense of support and community having everyone "there" with me.

This is a lot more fun than high school! I remember so vividly the pain of comparing my “friend's list” with "popular" kids. Ouch. Now, I sense no desire to compare...instead a simple enjoyment of so many needs met with each of you in our shared history, and the ever-deepening inclination to continue these connections.

I wonder how this all lands with you?



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