Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Greetings, Friends,

I recently received the letter below from one of the members of our Compassionate Leadership community. I feel so inspired reading this that I wanted to pass it on.

Ronnie, the author, recently had the opportunity to connect with the Commissioner of the newly forming Buenas Aires (Argentina) Police Force to introduce him to the idea of sharing NVC with the recruits as a part of their training. Before the meeting, Ronnie asked for and received support from many members of the NVC community.

I'd love to hear your response to this celebration!



Hello Group,

It's hard for me to write this update on my meeting because I'm having a hard time believing what happened. Manu and I spent several hours together preparing for the meeting this week. Additionally, we each listened to the tape of the hour-long Skype meeting that I had with Dominic Barter a number of times.

We were prepared to listen and not talk very much, to be present to the Commissioner's needs.

Neither of us expected the meeting that we ended up having. The man we met with started out by asking why we were there. We tried to engage him in a conversation about the needs of the new police force, but he said things like, 'Well, they don't even exist yet."

We shared with him that we want to support the success of the new police force and that we have something that we believe will enable them to relate to people better.

It was like we discovered a big black hole that needed to be filled. He asked us how many hours we needed to give the training. And he asked us if we can start next week!

It has taken me several hours to sit down and write this because it's so unbelievable. If I had been there alone, I would have said that it was a dream. But Manu confirms that this actually happened. The man we spoke with said that he would have a meeting with the man in charge of curriculum to determine where in the schedule they want to put our training.

He didn't ask for our credentials. He didn't ask what kind of
experience we had. He didn't ask for references. The truth is that he seemed to have been presented with something that appealed to him and he grabbed it.

We don't have a contract yet, but I don't think it's premature to say that I think we will be doing this training. There will be 1000 (one thousand) cadets and 20-25 instructors that will take the training. We will train instructors to facilitate the training.

So that's the update.

Here's the gratitude. Manu and I are grateful for all your support.
It was very helpful to know that there were a bunch of people from around the world that were sending blessings and good energy our way. You supported the intention to connect. You held a space for us. I read through your comments several times before our meeting. The last time I read all your words of support and encouragement was this morning, right before Manu came over for the final review. We talked about how supported we felt and how much of a difference that made.

I know that I didn't write back to each of you individually. I got
very involved in mentally and emotionally preparing myself and didn't take the time. I want you to know that each and every one of you made a difference in our ability to walk in there calmly, connected to our needs, with the intention of connecting to the needs of the Police Chief.

So thank you... for taking the time to write to us... for holding us
in your Consciousness... for being a part of this dream we have that the world can be a more compassionate place.

Thank you so very much.

With open hearts,
Ronnie and Manu

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