Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dreaming in Giraffe

I recently received an email from someone sharing their NVC dreams, hopes and goals. She asked, "what are some of the NVC leadership dreams that some other people have?" This stimulated in me the following response:

When I let myself dream really big, I see hundreds of thousands of practice
groups in the world. Like AA, you can arrive in any city of the world, consult a guide and find a place to practice NVC in a community of support.

I see a million certified trainers (or trainers with that skill and
consciousness, regardless of affiliation with CNVC)

I also see NVC TV, movies, music, media.

I see a Criminal and Civil Justice system based on a restorative model, not a punitive model.

I see a world where ALL people's basic needs are met with relative certainty. Meeting needs is the sure path to a peaceful model of conflict revolution.

I see the opportunity to live an immersion experience, a Global NVC Training
Center where people can come and learn to integrate NVC more deeply into their lives.

I see a network of NVC Communities around the planet.

I see a network of NVC based Senior Citizen centers, tapping the consciousness
and social change potential of Baby boomers done with accumulation and ready for

I see a network of schools at all levels teaching and living NVC.

I see a vibrant and acive online community of learning, support, contribution and integration.

I see what is happening in Germany, happening everywhere! Germany leads the world in trainers per capita and getting NVC into the consciousness of Everyman. I've heard that bookshops throughout Germany prominently display the German translation of Marshall's book.

I see a network of synergy between CNVC and other like-hearted groups contributing to meeting needs.

I see us going past the tipping point of awareness of and focus on Needs.

And I see a more active presence of the NVC community in world affairs. Where is the NVC voice concerning Lebanon, Syria, and the other hot spots? Where is the NVC consciousness in the White House, the UN, in politics in general? Where is the NVC consciousness in the "Anti-War" movement?

I see Marshall receiving the Nobel Peace prize. I see Marshall or another "senior Giraffe" as the Secretary of the new US Department of Peace. I see Department of Peace as common as Miistries of War or Defense.

I see Marshall on Oprah, and Leno, and Letterman, on PBS.

And I see what is happening now continuing to grow and blossom. I'm celebrating over 200 Certified Trainers, many registered cert-candidates, and a quarter million folks touched by NVC in the past few years.

And I dream of undreamed of possibilities emerging from our connection to Needs and Request energy!

I'm looking forward to hearing other's dreams!




Doug said...

Hi Jim,
Thanks for embellishing your dreams about giraffe in the world! I, too, share these dreams, some before your mentioning and definitely now that you've articulated them.

To advance this process I'm wondering if you'd like to consider the notion of supporting a bed and breakfast network among giraffes? There are some model bed and breakfast clubs (Affordable Housing and Evergreen BnB Club) where folks who have a spare room or separate space available are entered into a directory and offer to be host to other giraffes; each person or family gets to be guest and host at different times. A nominal charge ($10-15) per night is given by guests. What might liven up this process for us giraffes is to express willingness to practice NVC while staying with one another... either providing mini workshops for a hosts circle or practice group, or swapping skill training between host and guest. In this way the network could become more solidified throughout the US and the world. This could happen under the sponsership of CNVC or the new GNVC, or even privately. Oh yes, some clubs charge an annual fee to be "listed" in the directory which means there is an additional level of financial support for whatever group might elect to develop and run with it.

I recently sent to NVC Leadership Yahoo Group a web page regarding John Bruner's presentation of an idea in his book, "Shockwave Rider". In the "far" future, within a culture always undergoing shock because of the rapid rate of change, he offered a "Hearing Aid" computer terminal available by dialing ten nines... it was suggested that someone was on the other end "listening" and that the caller could be heard unjudged, unevaluated, & totally accepted. Even though there was no feedback at all the use of this often prompted a sense of relief and connection.

How about setting something like this up via skype only embellishing it with real, live giraffes who maintain anonymity but "listen with empathy". A simple built in "third party training presence" could always be part of any call--- the listener would be shadowed by a more experienced listener who could advice or teach along the way, perhaps with email or chat conncurrently with the voice contact. Strike your fancy in any way?


The Joe who cares :) said...

Wow! How old is this stuff? I think the dream is starting to unfold already!!
Precious foresight... thanks for sharing.