Sunday, July 16, 2006

Greetings, Friends,

I feel happy that a couple of folks have recently joined my yahoo group, NVCLeadership! Seeing that meets my
needs for growth and connection.

When I first started an NVCLeadership yahoo group just after moving to California, it was with an intention to create an online community
focused on the practice of Nonviolent Communication. Since then, I have begun
actualizing that potential with some other strategies, including this blog (http:// my training site (http://
and my vaestro channel (
. I've also recently begun a collaboration with the NVC Academy. With all
of these "Channels" opening, I'm feeling at once exhilirated and overwhelmed.

I'd like to hear from folks connected to this blog what needs you have related to
learning, practicing and integrating NVC and what specific requests you have about how to get your needs met. Hearing
this will support me in crafting some strategies that will hopefully meet your needs (perhaps for learning, community, exploration, and connection) while meeting those needs for me along with contribution, clarity and ease. Would you be willing to respond with what you would like?

I look forward to collaborating together to find ways to make our online community a valuable
resource for all of us.



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