Friday, January 20, 2006


Greetings, Friends,

Today is our two week anniversary in Montrose. I'm feeling more settled in, finding the surroundings comfortable. Days have taken on a routine character. Jori's gone to the office by 8, we usually have lunch together at the apartment between 12:30 and 1:30, and dinner is served sometime between 6 and 7:30, depending on the needs of the moment. While she toils at the office, I generally stay home working on fulfilling sustenance, order, and contribution needs. Sometimes I go out foraging for food...or walking...or even a bike ride! Some days I spend a few hours in the office, too.

I'm celebrating big possibilites and the little joys of life. Here are a couple of examples.

"Big possibility #1": One of CNVC's greatest needs right now is ease for the office staff in accessing vital database information in an efficient manner. It seemed like great progress was made in that direction this week thanks to the efforts of Jori and others.

"Big possibility #2": Part of my dream while here in Los Angeles is supporting and seeding practice groups. I connected this week with two Religious Science ministers in Inglewood who want to bring NVC to the local ministerial community. I am meeting with them next week.

"Little joy #1": I have found a local grocery store with wonderful produce and a friendly, helpful staff. They always seem to have some special deal on "day-old" produce. I bought a couple of bags of yellow and red peppers for $1/bag. About 14 fruit, I'd guess. The other day, I threw them all into the food processor, pureeing them, then did the same with about a cup of cottage cheese. The cottage cheese became smooth and thick, so I added a little water to thin it. I put the whole shebang into a pot on the stove and gently heated it, adding some cooked chicken breast chunks, basil leaves, salt, ground pepper, and red chili powder. Wow, what a treat that turned out to be! Sweet, savory and satisfying!

"Little joy #2": I love to see Jori smile! Today, thanks to Jiva's efforts, her wedding ring finally caught up with us. FedEx delivered it this morning in time for me to have the ring waiting for her on her lunchtime fork. When she discovered it, her beaming smile lit up the dining room.

We're off on an adventure this weekend to Santa Barbara. Robert Gonzales offers a training there on Saturday, and we hope to connect with the Giraffe community and some family members that we haven't seen in a long time!

Watch the blog for opportunites to practice NVC! More soon!

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