Thursday, January 19, 2006

Greetings, Friends,

As some of you may have heard through the grapevine, Jori and I have "landed" in Montrose for the next several months as Jori assumes the responsibilities of interim director for CNVC. I am enjoying my new life in California. I really like the neighborhood we are living in which is within walking distance of CNVC, the local library, and the shops and restaurants of Honolulu Street.

I think it might be fun to do some training, coaching and mediating, now that I'm settled in to our new place. I want you all to know that I am open to receiving your requests. My calendar is fairly open through the middle of February when I will return to Albuquerque for a couple of weeks. I would enjoy the opportunity to contribute to making your life more wonderful by sharing NVC with you and your community. I'd really like to hear from you what would most meet your needs. To "prime the pump", here are some possibilities that I have thought of:

1. Introductions to NVC at your church, office, place of business or community/social change organization.

2. Intermediate or Advanced Workshops on the following topics:
Deep Empathy
Profound Honesty
Connecting with Compassion (Relationships)
Mediating with NVC
Practicing Social Change
Foundations of NVC (7 sessions for Part 1 and 7 sessions for Part 2)
How to Form and Sustain a "Leaderful" Practice Group
NVC and Poker
NVC and Making Music
NVC at the Movies
Mindfulness and NVC
The Spiritual Base of Compassionate Communication

(For any of these workshops to "work", I would like to gather 8-12 people in a safe, comfortable space for 2 hours or more. I would enjoy receiving $100 per hour to acknowledge my contribution and help us to maintain sustainability.)

3. Coaching for Couples, Individuals, or Work Groups, Committees, Boards, etc in developing NVC Skills and Consciousness.

4. Mediation; my specialties include family issues, separation, divorce, child sharing, property settlement, land use, neighborhood disputes, etc.
(I have been a mediator since 1993)

My hourly requests for coaching and mediation work vary based on your ability to contribute.

I look for forward to our next connection! Our local phone is now working 818.541.9695
You can also leave me a message at the CNVC office: 818.957.9393
Or reply to



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