Sunday, January 22, 2006

JANUARY 22, 2006

Dear Friends and fellow Trainers,

With some continued surprise I find myself currently taking on the
roles of the Executive Director of CNVC as Gary shifts his focus. I
feel deep appreciation for all that Gary has contributed to CNVC in
its growth and I am enjoying my continued connection with him as well
as his support. I am integrating much information and working to
steward CNVC during this interim time of 3-9 months, as the CNVC
Board and others define a plan for organizational restructuring,
leadership, and connectedness to share Nonviolent Communication
throughout our network and the world. If you want to participate in
leadership on a more long-term basis assuming roles of the Executive
Director of CNVC, or in serving on the CNVC Board I would like to
receive your resume at cnvc@...
(For more information on this request, note #9 in the January 2006
Board minutes, at )

I am letting my needs for contribution, connection, and learning
shape my work and play here. I am continuing to nurture my own
wellbeing throughout this process so I can have internal resources
and clarity to sustain this important work for all of us. I
appreciate the welcome and support of the staff here in La Crescenta
including their fulfilling my request for housing within walking
distance of the CNVC office so I can take care of my body and soul
with the personal space as I walk. My life partner, Jim Manske, is
also contributing buckets of support, feeding and nurturing me with
empathy and love that sustains me. His volunteer efforts at CNVC, as
well as his modeling his aliveness and joy with the many daily
activities he is doing in our transplanted life is an inspiration to me.

"Creating a world where people want to belong" has been the mission
of the work I have been doing for over 25 years with Jim, also a CNVC
certified trainer. I am particularly interested in finding ways to
increase the sense of belonging in connections with CNVC throughout
the world. We are already working to continue the training and
connection with the office staff, as a working model of living NVC in
community and service. I invite you to join me as I affirm, with
ever-increasing ability, the following intentions to:
connect to my own experience and take responsibility for my own
feelings and needs
respect others with compassion without taking responsibility for
their feelings
continue to open to what is actually happening and to possibility
respond with actions that value and fulfill the most needs

I am inspired being part of all we are doing in the world through
CNVC, including in its geographic projects of outreach in Eastern
Europe, Africa, and Asia, as well as its lusophone, parenting, social
change, research, scholarship, book distribution and freedom prison
projects. If it brings you joy, consider contributing toward our
shared vision of creating a world where our deepest values are
honored for All. (for more information on these projects or to
donate see )

Let's play together in this great adventure of creativity,
contribution, and growth!!

With the reverence and joy of life,
Jori Manske
Interim Director and Certified Trainer with the global
Center for Nonviolent Communication(sm)
2428 Foothill Blvd., Suite E
La Crescenta, CA 91214 USA
Phone: +1.818.957.9393
Fax: +1.818.957.1424

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