Friday, April 21, 2006

5 Practices for Deepening NVC
part 2

1. Stopping
2. Observation
3. Emergence
4. Savoring
5. Cradle of Compassion


Recollecting the Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti, Marshall calls the capability of distinguishing observation mixed with evaluation from observation, "the highest form of human intelligence." A useful exercise for me in practicing observation skills consists of mindful walking.
First, setting an intention to connect with myself, I begin walking, preferably with no set direction in mind. Then I take turns opening to my senses, noticing what I see, hear, smell, taste and touch. I also notice thoughts and evaluations as they arise. The practice is to simply notice the difference between observing, which is a "thoughtless" reception of information from the world, and evaluating, which is the "play-by-play" commentary running in my mind.
I enjoy doing this for various periods of time.


Markus Wittwer said...

Hi Jim,

I submitted a blog-entry in my german blog about NVC and Coaching notifying people of your "5 practices to deepen NVC" series.

You can find it in German at:

Thanks for the nice work, I enjoy reading your posts and have fun at the upcoming IIT.

Cheers, Markus Wittwer

P.S. Technical question: Is it possible that you add trackback-URLs to your blog. This would make linking between blogs easier?

Jim said...

Hi, Markus,
Blogger does not support trackback-urls but does offer another strategy. I have added it and it now shows up in the Comments area.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Jim said...

And I also wanted to say how grateful I feel that you have shared the 5 Practices with folks via your blog. The majority of my ancestors are German, so I have a deep affinity and empathy for the people of Germany. I wonder if you know anyone who might enjoy translating the Practices?


Ingrid said...

Hi Jim:
I just read your question about translating the Practices into German and would like to do that.I imagine that by doing so I would deepen my own own understanding while helping others with theirs and maybe it will connect me with the German NVC community. Do you have any specific ideas what you would like to see happening? Let me know, please.
Ingrid (name tag artist from Santa Barbara)

Markus Wittwer said...

Hi Ingrid, hi Jim:
I would like to publish the translation in my blog on my web-site if both of you like that. I would enjoy contributing and it would fulfill my need to provide meaningful content to people visiting my site.

How do both of you feel about that?

Jim: I don't understand your comment about that other strategy than trackback urls. I didn't find anything new. Can you explain a bit more?

Jim said...

Hi, Ingrid and Markus,
I feel pleased and grateful for your offer to translate the 5 practices in German. It meets my need for community and mutuality. I'd like it if you would end me the translations and then I will ask Markus to publish them on his blog. I will also publish them on a new experimental CNVC site that will offer content in at least three languages.
My request is that you focus on the first two practices. I hope to have the third practice ready for publishing soon.

With gratitude,


Jim said...

Dear Markus,
RE: Jim: I don't understand your comment about that other strategy than trackback urls. I didn't find anything new. Can you explain a bit more?

Not really. I'm pretty new to all of this blogging stuff. So I looked it up in the Blogger knowledge base and found this. Maybe it makes more sense to you than to me!

Blogger says: Blogger does not currently support Trackback. If you're interested in this feature, though, you might want to check out backlinks.