Monday, April 24, 2006

Greetings, friends,

I made many wonderful new friends at the recent IIT in Santa Barbara. One of them sent me the following poem recently, which I liked and wanted to share with you!



A poem from Ishana

Hi there Folks,
Giraffe's my name,
My long neck is what gives me fame.
You know what else is special 'bout me?
I have the largest heart outside of the sea!
'Cause my heart is so big, my name has been given
to a language that speaks from the life within.
When we speak Giraffe,
We speak truth from the heart.
Listening for needs can be quite an art -
And feelings too - you know
Sometimes they hide,
But with my long neck,
I can see inside.
And then I can see what's Alive in you -
And that helps me see how much I'm like you!

by Ishana Ingerman - Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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Anonymous said...

I am looking for Ishana Ingerman. I didn´t see her since 6 years