Thursday, April 06, 2006

Report from the Santa Barbara IIT

I am enjoying the glow of living in NVC Community in Santa Barbara, CA at the International Intensive Training. We have folks here from all over the planet, including someone from war-torn and tsunami ravaged Sri Lanka.

We have virtually the same training staff here as will be in Albuquerque. I have particularly enjoyed connecting with John Kinyon from BayNVC, enjoying the focus he brings to self-emapthy and attention to the messages our bodies send us to alert us to the state of our needs.

I am thrilled seeing how community, intimacy and connection are rapidly building because of the power of NVC to cultivate a needs centered consciousness. The glow of empathy and the light of honesty are permeating the beautiful grounds of Casa de Santa Maria in the hills above Santa Barbara.

I hope you will all consider helping us to bring this experience to our community in New Mexico and attend our IIT in Albuquerque this June.

If you have any questions about the IIT experience, I'd love to hear them to assist you in deciding to join us!


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