Friday, May 26, 2006

NVC in Chinese Prisons!

I received the following from my colleague, Liz Gay in Singapore:

Dear Friends

I am delighted to share the content of an email sent to me by a
contact in China.

Yinhua writes:

"Tony Trepasso and his wife in Yunnan have presented NVC inside
prison. The first event a few weeks ago was for 1800 inmates and
staff at a prison in Yunnan.

It was filmed by CCTV and when I asked when it will be broadcast, I
just got the following from Tony

The CCTV1 program will be aired on May 22nd. I'm not sure of the time
but will let you know when I find out. We did another presentation at
the Kunming womens prison. There were over 4000 prisoners this time
and it went very well, tears and laughter from everyone, quite

I have already written back to Yinhua to ask if he can put me in touch
Tony Trepasso, whose name is unfamiliar to me.

Meanwhile, if any member of this list knows anything more about these
activities, I will be delighted to make an enormous song and dance
about them in front of people I know who make decisions about training
activities in Singaporean prisons!

Warmest regards meanwhile

Liz Gay

PS. Yinhua, who is working on a translation of Marshall's book,
it unlikely he will be granted a travel visa that would allow him to
join our Leader-full Gathering in Queensland, Australia this coming
September. Anyone with information that might help us to get around
this is most welcome to contact me via

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