Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Greetings, friends,

What is alive in you, right now, as you receive this blog? What feelings are stimulated? What are those feelings telling you about the state of your needs?

And, having connected with yourself, right now, what would make your life more wonderful? What needs would you enjoy meeting?

If you're continuing to read, I'm hopeful that you will meet needs for information, learning and connection!

INFORMATION: The best source for updated NVC information continues to be

LEARNING: I received the following in my inbox from (I)An-ok and I wanted to make the list of resources available to you:

An NVC video that BayNVC put out:

Marshall Rosenberg interview video:

Marshall Rosenberg mp3s:

Miki Kashtan radio show archives:

Free NVC telephone class first Thursday of every month:

Free NVC telephone weekly practice group every Wednesday:

And a couple of additions that I enjoy:
Peace Talks with Marshall:

Changing Your World Through What You Say with Marshall Rosenberg:

Preview Marshall's new CD based course:

CONNECTION: In order to integrate NVC Consciousness, we need a supportive community. How would you like to get involved? Would you like to start your own practice group? If so, please write to me and I will help you get one going in your community!


Jim Manske

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