Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Support for the Gratitude Binge

This morning I received a wonderful gift in my email from my dear friend Juli... poem by Rumi:

the net of gratitude

giving thanks for abundance
is sweeter than the abundance itself
should one who is absorbed with the Generous One
be distracted by the gift?
thankfulness is the soul of beneficence;
abundance is but the husk,
for thankfulness brings you to the place where
the Beloved lives.
abundance yields heedlessness;
thankfulness brings alertness:
hunt for bounty with the net of gratitude.


Patricia said...


I just sent this poem to someone very dear to me, and I feel some amazement and some relief when I ponder the words in the poem, the meaning, that a grateful attitude toward what is joyous in our lives--what meets our needs--will bring us more joy--meet our needs more thoroughly--than the joyous things themselves.

Thank you!--and peace to you.

Patricia in Los Lunas

Jim said...

Hi, Patricia,
I feel grateful for your expression because it meets my needs for inspiration.