Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Gospel According to James

Almost 30 years ago, I received a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from the Henry Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia. I am grateful for that education, for it helped me develop some critical thinking skills that continue to serve me today when it comes to filtering the messages I receive through the media.

I remember thinking then that the news seemed so "negative", focusing on crime, despair, war, pillage, conflict and strife. Back then, you really had to dig to find some "good news".

Well, now in the 21st century, data mining is easy. With the help of I can receive inspiring stories based on whatever keywords I'd like. Links to the news stories from media outlets and blogs around the planet arrive effortlessly in my inbox each day.

I'd like to share some of this good news with you today, and hear from you if this meets your needs!



From the Chicago Tribune: Free Registration Required: Firms gain edge with sustainable products


2005: A Tipping Point for Sustainability?

Basic Human Needs:

UN Assembly President hails Nobel peace laureates’ support for Human Rights Council

And finally, can anyone help me understand what needs of our President are motivating his decision to "Say No to Mediation in Kasmir"?

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