Monday, March 20, 2006

Greetings, Friends,
As you may have heard, CNVC is moving toward adopting a sociocratic governance model, which relies on sociocratic circles to make many decisions. If you would like to help create the New Mexico circle, would you be willing to reply with the best dates for you for a 4 hour meeting in April or May?
I am predicting that creating a circle will meet needs of inclusion, community, connection, and be a powerful impetus for creating social change in New Mexico.
I would like to host and facilitate a meeting at my house in Albuquerque with the aim of creating a circle and electing a representative to CNVC, although we can make provisions to include folks on a conference call or internet connection as well. I will inform readers of the various yahoo groups and my blog about the time and date of the initial meeting. In order to meet a need for inclusion, If you know of other NVC leaders who are not connected to any of the lists noted below, would you be willing to inform them of my requests?

PS the Albuquerque IIT continues to fill quickly. If you intend to come, I suggest you apply soon.
PPS for more information on sociocracy, see:


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