Friday, March 10, 2006

I feel deeply saddened by the death of Tom Fox.

Another apparently senseless death in a worthless war.


CPT Release: We Mourn the Loss of Tom Fox

10 March 2006
     In grief we tremble before God who wraps us with compassion. The death of our beloved colleague and friend pierces us with pain. Tom Fox’s body was found in Baghdad yesterday.
     Christian Peacemaker Teams extends our deep and heartfelt condolences to the family and community of Tom Fox, with whom we have traveled so closely in these days of crisis.
     We mourn the loss of Tom Fox who combined a lightness of spirit, a firm opposition to all oppression, and the recognition of God in everyone.
     We renew our plea for the safe release of Harmeet Sooden, Jim Loney and Norman Kember. Each of our teammates has responded to Jesus’ prophetic call to live out a nonviolent alternative to the cycle of violence and revenge......[MORE]
Contact: Dr. Doug Pritchard, CPT Co-Director 416-423-5525 (Canada)
               and Rev. Carol Rose, CPT Co-Director
               Kryss Chupp, 773-277-0253 (USA)
Tom Fox reflection: "Why are we here?" written the day before the abduction
CPT Iraq Statement of Conviction signed by Tom Fox in March 2005


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