Monday, March 06, 2006

Greetings, Friends,

We've been in California for 2 months now.  Wow, that sounds odd to my ears!  My mind wants to say, "No way have you been there for 2 months!," yet a simple look at the calendar confirms the observation.  I feel surprised!

I'm looking at this period of time as a "second lap", and my intention is to integrate and act upon what I learned in my first lap.

One of my favorite phrases from Colombian NVC trainer Jorge Rubio is "Advocate for your Universe!"  What this means to me is to stay in touch with my needs on an ongoing basis, then when I am in touch with an unmet need, to enter into "request energy", opening myself to connect with ways I can meet the unmet need, right now.

One of my mournings from my first lap was a sense of loneliness and longing for connection, specifically with male friends.  Back in Albuquerque I often meet that need through playing disc golf with my friend, River.  I haven't found anyone yet in LA who likes to play disc golf, but my friend Gary enjoys walking in the park.  Playing disc golf is an elaborate walk in the park.  Walking with Gary meets almost all of the same needs (there is a way that disc golf also meets a need for fun, so I remain open as to how to include that need more deeply).  

So, the other day when I noticed this feeling and need emerge, I called Gary and about an hour later, we were enjoying a wonderful walk in La Crescenta park.

So, my intention is to stay connected with myself, with ever-increasing awareness, and to open myself to ways to meet my emerging needs, right now.

i feel curious to hear how you feel reading that.  Feel free to post a comment, as that would meet my need for connection and understanding...

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William said...

Hey Brother,
I’m really busy, and don’t have time post the lengthy response I would like. Although I still want to connect even if it’s just for a second… I would like to learn disc golf, so maybe we can chill one of these mornings. I can bring my cousins along and we’ll grab a nice breakfast.